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H&S HOD's Desk

Dr. A. Vijaya Bhaskar Naidu, M.A, Ph.D.,
Professor & HOD

The Department of H&S at ACEM was formed in 2009 to strengthen the understanding of various engineering domains with their value-added subject like English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The Department is proud to have well experienced, highly qualified facility, who are veterans in their respective domains who work meticulously to help the students adapt seamlessly to the technical field. Great care is taken by the faculty to mould the moral fibre of the students. The Department is keen to equip the students with varied skill set. Bridge classes in personality development, Basic Mathematics and coding is facilitated to the students as part of orientation process. A lot of in-house seminars, elocution, essay writing competition, paper presentations are conducted by the department. The Department also follows a tradition of appreciating students with full attendance and good academic record. We have a strong mentoring system in the college, where our faculty members mentor the first-year students in any hitches that they may face in their journey.

The department has three well developed laboratories such as English, Chemistry and Physics, which accommodates 30/60 students at a time. It has all the necessary infrastructures not only to conduct the activities but also to train the students as per the curriculum.

Special provision is given to Sports and Games at Aditya. Cricket, Volleyball & Throwball tournaments are conducted on a monthly basis and elaborate practice sessions are facilitated for the interested students after college hours. The team of dedicated faculty of H&S form the core part of Aditya.


  • Dr. A. Vijaya Bhaskar Naidu, M.A, Ph.D.,
  • Professor & HOD
  • Department of H&S
  • Aditya College of Engineering

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